Creo is a family or suite of design Software developed by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) in year 2011.

Creo is a Computer Aided Design tool used to create, analyze, view, and share designs downstream using 2D CAD, 3D CAD, parametric and direct modeling capabilities. Using Creo one can perform 3D Design, Industrial Design, Concept Design, Routed Systems Design, and Simulation.


Creo is used widely across Aerospace, Automotive, Alternative Energy, Construction, Consumer Product, Engineering services, Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment, Manufacturing, Mold Tool & Die, Oil & Gas, Packaging Industries, Process & Plants, and Education.

Course Highlights:

Creo Foundation :

  • Part Modeling
  • Advanced Part Modeling
  • Assembly Design
  • Advanced Assembly Design
  • Flexible Modeling
  • Sheetmetal Design
  • Drawing

Duration :

  • 45 Hours Theory
  • 45 Hours Practical
  • 20 Hours Project work

Creo Advanced :

  • Creo Advance- CAD Module
  • Creo-Analyst – CAE Module
  • Creo production- CAM Module

Duration :

  • 30 Hours Theory
  • 30 Hours Practical
  • 20 Hours Project work